Over 4.6 million views on youtube alone.....

The video that started it all! It was a wonderful day at Abbey Road studios. We all assumed this video was the end of our journey, but it turned out to be only the beginning.

“If I knew at the time it was going to become a global success I’d have worn my favorite shirt” laughs Alf.


Born out of the belief that nothing can’t be done. Alf took the role of Keith Flint to his heart and wouldn’t give the sweater back at the end of the day. Rumour is that he can be seen wearing it at the odd bingo night!

Those in the know might recognise Adam Ficek from Babyshambles in the video. We love Babyshambles and thank them for all their advice and help in the music biz!


Peter ‘Geriatric 1927’ Oakley takes the lead vocal on the beautiful rendition of The Alan Parsons Project’s Old and Wise.

It was a chilly morning video shoot in West Sussex! We’d planned to do a nice summer video but the atlantic ocean decided otherwise.


Jack Beers and Grace Cook make this the duet to end all duets as they wander round their native New York and London. We are so in awe of Filmmaker David Wachs who shot the footage in New York City and edited the video. It’s remarkable. Also thanks to Stalley, the rapper on the piece who really understood what we were all about and helped us bring a bit of NYC Rap to the party.


Visitors to this site may have noticed we link all our video content from Youtube rather than run it off our server. The main reason for this is that we marketed ourselves through youtube and our policy of driving traffic to the site to increase awareness carries on via this site. We love youtube and hope you do to.